Nationwide colleagues should be empowered to do right by members, and therefore required a user-friendly tool that supports them from the outset. Using research to drive the design and inform decision making, the tool was tested and refined through an iterative process. It serves as the standard for internal tools and is the foundation of a colleague design system within the organisation.
Nationwide Building Society
Financial services
My Role
UX Design, UI Design
Feature ideation
Initial sketching of early feature ideas to gather feedback from colleagues. Providing validation and highlighting issues without using too much time and resource.
Wireframes and user flows
Exploring initial layouts and adding clear UI annotation to define user flows and expected colleague behaviours. By adding an extra level of detail, Product Owners and Engineers had enough context to feedback thoroughly.
Font review
Selecting the right font would help minimise user error, maximise enjoyment and build trust. The NBS font is great for scanning, but proved distracting in a colleague tool.
After considering reading speed and load times, fonts were tested against 4 key variables: character similarities, mirroring, easy to distinguish characters and varied capital height. My findings were used to define a robust type scale to be used across various colleague tools.
Colleague Experience Language
Creating the foundation for a Colleague Experience Language at Nationwide by building on to the existing member facing design system. Defining interactive states  to creates accessible components that provide a consistent colleague experience.
Hi fidelity prototype
Prototyping early enabled research methods such as usability testing, diary studies and observations. Feedback from colleagues helped to drive the design and inform decision making throughout the process. Final designs were fed back into the prototype and it was used as a source of truth for ongoing build cycles and user testing.
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